About this campaign

Why this campaign?

In Europe today, the prevalence of NCDs continues to rise, with a profound impact on the wellbeing of individuals and their families. NCDs are linked with considerable costs and place a substantial burden on health systems, economies and societies.

Momentum on the importance of increasing efforts to both prevent and control NCDs in Europe is growing, notably learning from the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To tackle this growing crisis, a strategic and holistic approach to NCDs, centered around prevention, is crucial.

The Healthier Together-EU NCD initiative (2022-2027) marks an important step at European level, offering structured support to EU countries in their response to the diseases. The European Parliament has driven significant debate on NCDs over the past year by adopting a resolution on NCDs.

Within this context, and against the backdrop of the 2024 European Union elections and the upcoming 4th High-Level Meeting of the UN General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of NCDs in 2025, this campaign brings together healthcare professionals, patient advocates, health economists, official health bodies and European Union policymakers with a united voice to speed up action – hear their messages below. It provides a timely opportunity to reflect on priorities for the coming years.

The campaign launched on 29 May, 20 weeks ahead of the Global Week for Action on NCDs.

What are the key messages of this campaign?

The campaign “Investing in a healthy Europe, free of preventable NCDs”, calls for action and investment in NCDs prevention and management in Europe:

Implement regulatory measures to address common modifiable risk factors, including tobacco and alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and air quality.

Urgently adopt WHO-endorsed interventions and new tobacco control measures. Mandate front-of-pack nutrition labelling, including for alcohol, with mandatory energy lebelling, nutritional information, and health warning labels.

Initiate an EU-level process to drive collaboration on financing for chronic disease prevention across Europe, explore sources and develop innovative financing models for prevention, adaptable to different national situations, employing effective economic tools including price policies. This process should help member states achieve their UN 2018 commitments in this area and report progress at the 2025 High-Level Meeting on NCDs.

Develop an EU-wide holistic framework on NCDs – supported by disease-specific actions or plans as necessary, to provide a strategic, long-term vision for addressing chronic diseases in Europe.

Expand the scope of existing initiatives, such as the ‘Healthier Together’ EU NCDs initiative, to encompass a broader range of chronic diseases often underestimated in current frameworks.

Establish new, specific targets at the European level to reduce NCD prevalence by 2040, with intermediate goals for 2030.

Shift focus from mortality-based targets to include indicators for improved health outcomes and address co-morbidities across different age groups and populations.

Implement tailored approaches for continuous monitoring, targeted health checks, and early management of complications, with a focus on vulnerable populations and those at risk.

Allocate dedicated EU funds to projects aimed at improving access to risk identification programs and strengthening combined or targeted health checks across disease areas.

Develop integrated care models across primary and secondary care levels.

Incorporate continuity of NCD care into crisis preparedness and management plans for healthcare systems. Provide education and training for healthcare professionals to enhance their readiness in managing NCDs during crises

How to support the campaign?

Show your support and add your voice to the campaign. Your organisation’s logo and message will feature on the section “Stakeholder Voices”.

We encourage you to relay the regular communications posted on ECDA and supportive organisations’ social media channels.

If you would like to know more about the campaign or be actively involved, please contact the ECDA secretariat at: info@alliancechronicdiseases.org

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Kick-off Policy Debate: Addressing NCDs in Europe

This policy debate on “Investing in NCD prevention and control for better health in Europe” kicks-off the campaign.

In this policy debate held in the European Parliament, speakers discuss the EU’s achievements in addressing NCDs and identify necessary actions for the way forward.

The following experts contributed to this debate:

  • MEP Tilly Metz (Greens/EFA, Luxembourg)
  • MEP Sara Cerdas (S&D, Portugal)
  • MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland)
  • Prof. Rachel Nugent, Senior Technical Director, RTI Center for Global Noncommunicable Diseases; Lancet Task Force on NCDs & economics
  • Stefan Schreck, Adviser for Stakeholder Relations, DG SANTE, European Commission
  • Cajsa Lindberg, NCD advocate, IDF-Europe Advisor
  • Maria Neufeld, Technical Officer Alcohol, Illicit Drugs and Prison Health, World Health Organisation
  • Prof. Em. Raymond Vanholder, Chairman, European Chronic Disease Alliance

Key outcomes & recommendations

  • Invest in NCDs prevention and management, establish adequate research and data collection mechanisms to inform action and investment cases.
  • Place people with NCDs at the centre of healthcare, involve patients in policy making and health decision making – and ensure that care is given based on their specific needs.
  • Roll-out people-centered and integrated NCDs care pathways across Europe.
  • Improve early screening and foster approaches that are cost-effective and accessible to ensure a maximum benefit for as many people as possible.
  • Use the new WHO and other health organisations’ frameworks and guidelines to help formulate priority areas and orientate EU-level actions on prevention.
  • Adopt robust EU legislation on key NCD risk factors; leverage the EU competency to revise taxation frameworks, marketing and labelling rules for all alcohol and tobacco products, foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) and to address environmental risk factors.
Policy Debate outcome report

The Outcome Report

Read the report summarising the outcomes of the policy debate on NCDs in Europe. This comprehensive document captures key insights shared by expert speakers from diverse organisations, including the European Commission, European Parliament, patient representatives, Lancet Taskforce, WHO Europe, and the European Chronic Disease Alliance.

Through insightful discussions, speakers shed light on the achievements made by the EU in addressing NCDs, highlighted collaborative efforts, and identified essential actions to tackle the growing challenge of NCDs in Europe.

This report serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, and stakeholders interested in advancing NCD policy in Europe. We invite you to explore the findings and recommendations presented and to join us in our ongoing efforts to combat NCDs and promote public health across the continent.

MEP Perspectives: Next Steps in Protecting Europeans from Chronic Diseases

As part of this campaign, we are honoured to present video messages from members of the European Parliament who are championing action on NCDs. These messages offer valuable perspectives and insights on the importance of addressing NCDs, ways to protect Europeans from chronic diseases, and the role of policy in promoting public health across the continent.

  • Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland)
  • Stelios Kympouropoulos (EPP, Greece)
  • Jutta Paulus (Greens/EFA, Germany)
  • Brando Benifei (S&D, Italy)
  • Katarina Konečná (GUE/NGL, Czechia)
  • Tomislav Sokol (EPP, Croatia)
  • Catherine Amalric (Renew, France)
  • Radka Maxová (S&D, Czechia)

Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP, Finland)

Catherine Amalric (Renew, France)

Katarina Konečná (GUE/NGL, Czechia)

Tomislav Sokol (EPP, Croatia)

Jutta Paulus (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Stelios Kympouropoulos (EPP, Greece)

Brando Benifei (S&D, Italy)

Stakeholder Voices: A Call for Action on NCDs

Hear from key organisations which support this campaign and are dedicated to addressing the critical health challenge that NCDs pose to public health, economic and societal growth. We are grateful for their contributions and commitment to advancing NCD policy in Europe.

Messages from ECDA Members: Advancing NCD Policies

ECDA members share perspectives on addressing NCDs in Europe and emphasise the significance of collaborative action across various types of NCDs. Their contributions highlight the interconnectedness of these diseases and underscore the importance of advancing public health initiatives through collective effort.

EASL video message

UEG video message

EHN video message

EKHA video message