CHRODIS Plus WP 8: Workbox on employment & chronic diseases

The CHRODIS Plus Joint Action (2017-2020) has come to an end, after 3 years of intense work.

Outcomes of the Joint Action are available here. The overarching conclusions & recommendations to integrate NCD good practices into national policies can be found here.

The Work Package 8 on employment & chronic diseases has produced a workbox composed of:

  • a training tool for managers promoting inclusiveness of people with chronic diseases at work
  • a toolkit for workplaces offering 127 means to foster employees’ wellbeing

The materials are available in 10 languages.

In this Work Package, 18 partners from 11 EU countries worked together to develop and pilot the workbox, which provides ideas and tools to: measure, evaluate and strengthen the inclusiveness of workplaces and the work ability of employees with chronic conditions; foster wellbeing, health, and work ability of all employees; prevent the development of chronic diseases; support employees to return to work after a sick leave; and help individuals with chronic health conditions to stay at work.

Further, policy recommendations will be available by the end of the year.

An overview of the work carried out by the Work Package is provided in the summary video here.

Why are these deliverables so important? 

  • Over 1 in 4 employees in Europe report suffering from a long-standing illness or health problem (2018 data)
  • Fostering employees’ wellbeing, health, and work participation benefits individuals, employers and the society as a whole

ECDA contributed to the Work Package 8. Hear the audio message from ECDA Chairman Prof Vanholder on the outputs of this collaboration.