ECDA members join forces to participate in EU funded project addressing chronic diseases

The EConDA project will examine the best method for assessing the cost-effectiveness of interventions to prevent chronic diseases. It aims to develop a forecasting model that estimates the future cost burden of these diseases as well as the cost impact of interventions which aim to prevent them. Sixteen organisations are participating in the project under the leadership of the UK Health Forum, including eight members of the European Chronic Disease Alliance, WHO, OECD and two universities. EConDA is a two-year project starting in April 2013 with final results expected by April 2015.The total budget allocated to this project is of 1.3 million EUR with 60% coming from the European Union Health Programme 2007-2013. In providing clear and reliable figures on both the burden of chronic diseases and the potential savings of interventions, the project will be a valuable tool for policy makers in making the case for action on chronic disease – in particular within the framework of the on-going EU reflection process on chronic diseases.