ECDA stands united with Ukraine and calls for protection and continuity of care for Ukrainians

The European Chronic Disease Alliance strongly condemns the military invasion of Ukraine, expresses its stunning shock at the suffering being imposed upon innocent people, and is appalled by the violent attacks taking place against healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals. We stand together and in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Whilst only the Government of Russia can bring an end to the violence, we in Europe must do all we can to help the needs of those in Ukraine or fleeing Ukraine for safety, including those with medical needs associated to chronic disease. ECDA encourages the European Union and other international bodies to pursue ongoing efforts to help protect civilians in Ukraine, refugees fleeing the war, medical staff working on the ground to help those with vital needs as well as other healthcare professionals and humanitarian teams providing support in neighboring countries.
The most vulnerable require coordinated medical relief and services, especially as Ukrainian refugees pass into neighboring countries. ECDA would like to stress the importance of:

  • addressing shortages of medicines to Ukraine and surrounding countries
  • supporting patients’ access to information in their own language about how to maintain their treatment during this time and/or access specialists to receive care and/or participate in clinical trials
  • removing barriers to the export of medical aid to Ukraine
  • putting in place effective screening procedures at border crossings to identify those requiring assistance with their medical treatment
  • setting up mechanisms to assist health systems in neighbouring countries to gain better access to the medical records and clinical history of Ukrainians seeking safety outside their country
  • addressing the psycho-social needs of all Ukrainians leaving the country, including those requiring medical assistance

ECDA members have provided support so far through donation funds, the creation of Ukrainian language resources for those living with chronic diseases and the set-up of support networks. They will continue to provide assistance and help as the situation evolves.

A united international front must be retained to bring all pressure to bear on Russia to end the invasion; and offer protection in the best possible way to people in need during this time. We stand with Ukraine.