MEPs adopt the SANT report on NCDs

We are pleased to welcome the adoption of the Committee on Public Health’s (SANT) report on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) at the plenary on 13/12. The report holds promise in advancing public health and effectively addressing NCDs, aligning with our shared commitment to enhancing chronic disease prevention and management in the EU.

We appreciate the report’s acknowledgment of the significant impact and challenges presented by NCDs in the EU, particularly its emphasis on the necessity to prevent and decrease their prevalence. Among the numerous valuable recommendations, ECDA firmly supports the proposal for an EU-wide comprehensive strategy on NCDs, reinforced by disease-specific plans or measures. Commendably, the report underscores the importance of focusing on health economics and improving data collection on NCDs.

We urge the Parliament to maintain its robust stance against modifiable common risk factors, such as tobacco and alcohol consumption, as well as environmental risks. We further encourage continued advocacy for stronger policies in addressing these factors, which significantly contribute to the burden of NCDs.

This Parliament report can serve as a roadmap for future EU action in this field and ECDA is committed to actively supporting the implementation of the report’s recommendations to ensure the effective execution of strategies aimed at tackling NCDs within the EU.