Joint Civil Society Statement: HLM on NCDs must deliver bold commitments, action

Joining 190 organisations worldwide, ECDA calls for bolder commitments and action to address chronic diseases at global level and in the EU.

We welcome the report of the WHO Independent High-Level Commission on Non-Communicable Diseases – notably the call for high-level ownership of national NCD responses from Prime Ministers and Presidents – but outline recommendations for the Third UN High-Level Meeting (HLM) on NCDs to be a true turning point in the response to chronic diseases. In particular:

  • Put people first and meaningfully involve people living with NCDs and young people
  • Call out the commercial determinants of health as a major obstacle to progress
  • Adopt a comprehensive approach to sugar, tobacco and alcohol taxes (STAX)
  • Tackle the NCD risk factors in a comprehensive manner
  • Maintain a balanced approach to prevention and treatment in the NCD response

Civil society is ready to work with WHO and governments in the lead up to the UN HLM and beyond to build on these recommendations and set the bar higher for people at risk of and living with NCDs worldwide.

ECDA especially looks forward to the opportunity to work further with the European Union institutions to this aim and ensure a leading contribution of the EU to the UN HLM. 

Read the full statement here